Simply GCxGC

What if there was an easier way to make GCxGC part of your every-day analysis?

Simply GCxGC from LECO is a free tool designed to walk you through the steps of creating an optimized GCxGC method for your complex samples. Create a GCxGC method from scratch, or convert an existing 1D method to GCxGC. The tool will provide logical, step-by-step instructions to determine the secondary oven offset, second dimension column length, and experimentally evaluate stationary phases and peak capacity. Simply GCxGC takes a simple approach to GCxGC, helping you avoid unnecessary testing and streamline your method development cycle.

Это видео размещено на внешнем веб-сайте Vimeo. Если оно не загружается, вы можете просмотреть его здесь.

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