FLUXGCxGC flow modulator

Our innovative FLUX GCxGC flow modulator was designed with one goal in mind: to make GCxGC more routine, accessible, and easier for you. The flow modulator’s concept is based on the sound and easily understood principles first articulated by Seeley et al. on diverting flow. This extraordinarily simple design comprising of a cross shape and a sideways T, is not only easy to setup and get started, but its ease-of-use makes it the most cost-effective option for GCxGC analysis.

This flow-based modulator is perfect for those who want to perform robust GCxGC analysis, but who don’t need the sensitivity of a standard QUADJET Thermal Modulator. Ideal samples should be complex, but relatively concentrated. Appropriate applications include petroleum and fragrance analyses such as the classic weathered crude oil example pictured below, which shows a GCxGC plot generated on our Pegasus BT platform using the Flux flow modulator.

Two-dimensional gas chromatography chart

The first and secondary capillary columns are connected together through a simple tube with a fixed gap between the columns. A flow of Helium gas is then used to inject into the second column or divert to waste. The precise timing and flows are all handled by our integrated software, therefore you just have to click one button to setup and begin performing flow modulation GCxGC on our Pegasus BT platform.

Diagram showing Inject and Divert modes for FLUX flow modulator
Left: Diagram of Inject Mode; Right: Diagram of Divert Mode

Furthermore, no complex spreadsheets are needed to understand your method. This simple and robust design does not require cryogens to carry out GCxGC, which saves time and boosts efficiency in your lab.

Screenshots of computer software controlling FLUX flow modulator
Method development requires only two parameters; the software configures the rest.
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