High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

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19 марта 2024 Discoveries with Dr. Dave: Detecting PFAS in Anti-Fog Solutions with GC-MS

Since the first humans walked the earth, our species has been changing the world. Brilliant minds throughout existence have provided us with life-altering inventions and ideas, like medicines that cure our ailments and lengthen our lives, or technology that connects us in ways we never thought possible. The human mind has thought up some incredible […]

19 августа 2022 Heavy Fuel Oil Requires Heavy Lifting

Heavy fuel oil analysis requires some heavy lifting from your instruments. Learn how the Pegasus HRT 4D makes it easy!

29 июля 2022 Expand your Toolbox with the HRT+

Don’t be limited by your resolution. Open up your GCxGC-MS results with the Pegasus HRT+ 4D!

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