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Expanding, conserving, and stretching our limited energy resources means that companies will need to be able to analyse new sources as well as validate the quality of existing supplies. LECO instruments enable energy companies to comply with increasingly stronger EPA regulations.

While LECO has continued to be a leader in carbon/sulfur testing of coal and coke, it has since expanded into biofuels, additives, diesel and petroleum products, and jet fuel. As these resources become more valuable, LECO technology is here to validate their potential and quality, while helping you meet government regulations.

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Instrument Portfolio

Browse our line up of scientific analytical products for energy and fuels analysis to find the appropriate instrument for your specific purposes.


SC832 Sulfur/Carbons

SC832 Sulfur/Carbon

LECO’s 832 Series of Elemental Determinators are specifically designed to perform carbon and sulfur analysis of coal, coke, lubricants, fuel oils, and many other organic and some inorganic materials. The 832 Series is a valuable resource for any laboratory needing fast and accurate analysis in solid fuels.

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HN828 Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Elemental Analysis

CHN828 Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Elemental Analysis

The CHN828 makes it possible to achieve fast results in organic matrices from food to fuels. The dual-stage furnace system operates at temperatures up to 1,050 °C with an exclusive oxygen environment ensuring the complete combustion of all organic samples, without requiring additional metal oxidizing reagents or other carrier gases. Macro sample mass capability paired with cycle times of 4 minutes make the CHN828 ideal for a diverse application base, while delivering unparalleled throughput.

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TGA 8O1 Moisture / Ash / Volatile Matter

TGA8O1 Moisture / Ash / Volatile Matter

The TGA801 is your total solution for fast and robust macro thermogravimetric constituent analysis. Determine weight loss as total moisture, ash, volatile content, or LOI in various organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. The TGA801 is perfect for a variety of industries and applications – including feeds, milling products, foods, catalysts, coal/coke, and cement.

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AC600 Semi-Automatic Calorimeter

AC600 Semi-Automatic Calorimeter

The AC600 is an lsoperibol Calorimeter that provides fast and accurate calorific results for various organic materials such as coal, coke, fuel oils, and waste materials. lts unique design combines state-of-the-art hardware and software technology with automation and ergonomic features for improved instrument performance and throughput.

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Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS


The tried-and-tested reliability and durability of our Pegasus brand in a convenient benchtop unit gives you more uptime, improved chemical data, and an increase in overall productivity and efficiency.

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Pegasus® BT 4D GC×GC-TOFMS


The tried-and-tested reliability and durability of our Pegasus brand in a convenient benchtop unit gives you more uptime, improved chemical data, and an increase in overall productivity and efficiency.

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QuadJet™ SD

QuadJet SD

Система QuadJetTM SD компании LECO — это идеальное решение для образцов, поступающих в вашу лабораторию. By combining the sensitivity of Flame Ionization Detection (FID) with the increased chromatographic resolution of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC), the QuadJet SD delivers a better measure of the actual components of your sample than a straight GC analysis. No other system available on the market can deliver the same reduction in noise and error as the QuadJet SD.

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Pegasus® GC-HRT+

PEGASUS® GC-HRT+ (High Resolution TOFMS)

High Resolution TOFMS technology provides high-performance MS capabilities, including acquisition speed, mass accuracy, accurate relative isotopic abundance, mass resolution, and dynamic range, all available simultaneously. Designed for the R&D lab to dive deep into petrochemical samples and solve complex matrices.

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Pegasus® GC-HRT+ 4D


LECO‘s Pegasus GC-HRT+ 4D provides users with the unprecedented ability to investigate the most complex petroleum samples and identify unknown analytes. Find more analytes than ever before using High Resolution Deconvolution® (HRD®) and comprehensive GC×GC chromatography.

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