2 октября 2020

Learn your new PEGASUS® BT on your schedule

Learn your new PEGASUS® BT on your schedule

Your Pegasus® BT is a powerful instrument, but if you're unsure how to use some of its features, you aren't able to get the full benefit from your investment. LECO is rolling out LECOLearn, an online, on-demand training site to help you maximise your laboratory.

  • 24/7 access to tutorial videos
  • Multiple users per account
  • Consistent training across your lab and around the world

LECOLearn is included free-of-charge as part of our ongoing support past the sale of your Pegasus BT.

LECOLearn is an online core supplement to our standard training courses included with every Pegasus BT. Find helpful videos on a variety of basic topics.

  • Databases and File Management
  • Tuning and QC
  • Methods and Acquisition
  • Deconvolution and Quantitation
  • Introduction to GC×GC

LECOLearn can help your lab be:

  • More productive with basic training moving at your pace, on your schedule.
  • More efficient with quick refreshers on the optimal way of using your equipment.
  • More confident with the knowledge that you're not missing any features of your Pegasus BT.


Optimal Specifications: LECOLearn will support all modern browsers. It is best viewed in the latest version of Google Chrome™. Minimum version required: Google Chrome 80. Minimum internet speed: 1 Mbps

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