Thanksgiving Dinner is so Metal: Science Keeps You Safe

Here in America, millions of families will be sitting down to a hearty Thanksgiving meal on November 24. While many minds are caught up with the necessary preparations for this dinner, few will be thinking of the metallurgical and elemental analysis preparation that went into crafting the very materials used to create Thanksgiving dinner. From the carving knife to the oven that roasted the turkey and most of the pots and pans in-between, chances are good that LECO has touched at least part of the preparations for your dinner.

LECO's original Carbon DeterminatorLECO began in 1936 with the first rapid carbon determinator for steel mills, and steel has remained a cornerstone of our industry to this day. Many steel mills around the world continue to rely on LECO’s elemental analyzers to quickly and accurately measure the carbon content in their product. This steel is used for all manner of things, from the framework of your oven to the stainless steel in your pans, bowls, silverware, and sinks.

Carbon determination isn’t the only way LECO touches your dinner. Elemental analysis can help measure the thermal and corrosion resistance of your cookware, ensuring you have quality products that will last under the intense pressure of a Thanksgiving performance. But the metallurgical side also plays a part, with hardness testing and microscopic analysis checking the wearability and reliability of pots and pans. The adhesion of non-stick coatings or the layering of various metals together can all be measured and examined with LECO’s metallographic hardness testing, glow discharge spectroscopy, and microscopes.

AMH55 Automated Hardness TestingFrom start to finish of your meal preparation, see how LECO’s start to finish metallographic solution can prepare your lab for the tough questions.