Have you scheduled your annual physical?

Proper maintenance is more than just an annual checkup. Whether it’s for your body or your instrument, a comprehensive support plan will bring you peace of mind about your health. That’s why LECO has launched comprehensive maintenance plans for most* of our Cornerstone instruments in the United States.

LECO has always been proud of our service beyond the sale. For over 86 years, our focus has been on building instruments that satisfy our customers’ needs in every capacity. When an instrument needs repair, our goal has always been to get your lab up and running again as quickly and painlessly as possible. The best protection against repairs, however, is regular maintenance.

More than just an annual preventive maintenance check, LECO’s comprehensive maintenance plans are a smart, convenient way to help you prevent unexpected downtime and associated costs for your instrument. From remote diagnostics to physically relocating instruments, these plans can be customized to fit your needs, including coverage for multiple instruments or additional preventive maintenance visits.

  Silver Gold Platinum
Service call Annual Preventive Maintenance Fully covered**, including parts Fully covered**, including parts Fully covered**, including parts
Service Call Repair Visit Labor 1 free service call, if needed 2 free service calls, if needed 3 free service calls, if needed
Service Call Repair Visit Parts Not included Not included Parts included for first 3 service calls
SmartLine® Remote Diagnostics/ Troubleshooting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Learn more about what these plans have to offer on our Service website. To receive a quote or more personalized information, please contact Analytical_Plans@LECO.com

*The TGM800 and TGA801 do not have maintenance plans available at this time
**Extra travel charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii
Excluding consumables