Prof. Ralf Zimmermann
Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) Department “Comprehensive Molecular Analytics“, Germany "This combination of ultrahigh chromatographic separation with high mass resolution might be still unique for a commercial available end user system."
Vicente Carbonell, Head Of The Chemical Analysis
AINIA "LECO is undoubtedly a great brand synonymous with quality and professionalism that offers me Security and confidence. Our AINIA chemical analysis laboratory has been using LECO equipment for more than 14 years!!, specifically the TRUSPEC N and a TGA701 thermogravimetric analyzer. We use these to routinely analyze solid foods such as pastries, sausages, pre-cooked meals, etc. and we are…
Sven-Erik Bäckman, GM
D-Lab "For our business as an accredited contract laboratory we need very flexible instruments that remain stable in the long run. Flexibility for the ever-changing levels of alloying elements and also for the lack of reference materials. We therefore need a versatile instrument for analysis and research, i.e. possible to separate, and for serving our customer with extended element range.…
Dr. Nunzia Iaccarino, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacy, University of Naples Federico II "I have been using a GC-TOFMS Pegasus BT since January 2018 for Metabolomics projects. I have mainly analysed murine tissues extracts, and, I'm very happy about its robustness and high sensitivity."
Anna Karchenko, Head Of Lab
NSPLAV "With LECO CS844 and ONH836 instruments, we can easily test our degassed chrome products and restrict gas-forming impurities to a very low level (~0.0005% ). Reliability of the equipment and the speed of analysis is very important to me because it directly affects shipment of our finished products. A big portion of our products are exported and for as…
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